Burnham & Sun
         Solar Electric Services

We offer two types of Grid-tied solar electric (aka photovoltaic or PV) systems for your home or business. Standard Grid-tie Solar Electric Systems will reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bills. Grid-tie Electric Backup Systems offer the same but also include emergency power from batteries during utility power outages.

Off-Grid Solar for Remote Sites
Where there is no utility power at the site, we offer complete systems including PV modules, inverters, batteries and backup generator for standalone power for seasonal part time applications and for full time off-grid homes. 
Grid- Tied Solar for Residential and Small Commercial
Standard Grid-tied Solar Electric
These systems produce electricity during peak solar hours and send any excess back to your utility company to be credited against your demand when the sun is not shining. When your load demand is greater than the output of the solar array production, the demand will be met with power from your utility company. These systems do not include batteries or power storage so when your utility experiences a power outage, you will not have power,not even if the sun is shining on your array.

Fort Collins, Colorado
Grid-tied Solar with Backup
These systems keep a battery bank charged to power crtical loads during a power outage. When the battery bank is fully charged and the current loads are met, the excess production is sent to the grid for net metering. Batteryback up systems are typically $20k to $30K more than a Standard Grid-tied system.